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Chase by Dean Koontz

I’m a big fan of Dean Koontz’s writing and so when I noticed this short novel I picked it up immediately. From some of the synopses that I read I must admit that I was a little disappointed that there would be nothing supernatural about this one, but with unwavering dedication I pushed ahead. I’m so glad that I did; best described as a psychological thriller the story captured me from the start and the reader forms an immediate connection to the main character Ben Chase. I think it’s because of all Ben’s flaws, yet innate goodness, that the reader finds him so easy to identify with. Ben has returned from the Vietnam war, a decorated war hero, but with terrible guilt over choices he had to make in the line of duty, he had been ordered to clear a blockade by his lieutenant knowing that he would be killing women and children on the other side. The story follows Ben as he comes to terms with the fact that no-one can possibly know what it is like in the midst of a war to face such decisions, the body’s fight or flight mechanism working overtime trying to keep a person alive through the stresses that come with war, compounded by fear and exhaustion. Knowing all this about Ben, when he happens to save a girl’s life from serial killer, the story takes on a new dimension where the reader is no longer sure what is fantasy and what is reality; has Ben finally cracked and the phone calls he thinks he is getting from the killer are only projections of his inner demons? Or is there a real killer on the loose and now has Ben in his sights? This is one story where you will have to decide for yourself.


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